CrossCountry Mortgage Review

Nov 10, 2023 By Susan Kelly

The vision of CrossCountry Mortgage is to become a big mortgage lender and serve the community. Many people and CCM team members say that CrossCountry Mortgages is like a home. The people who work with CCM become part of more than 7,000 workers and mortgage makers.

CrossCountry Mortgage advocates for its clients and community, and workers work hard to make their services the best. They are proud of their philanthropic efforts and partnerships, and it’s their priority. Programs like CCM directly affect people and their place in their community. Now, we discuss its review in detail.

Borrowers Review About CrossCountry Mortgages

NerdWallet's lender star ratings evaluate objective characteristics such as rates, fees, and loan offers. To know the borrower’s experience with lenders, NerdWallet gathered the rating of customer reviews by J.D. Power and Zillow.

  • In J.D. Power’s 2022 U.S. Mortgage Origination Satisfaction Study, the CCM got a 680 score out of 1000. For origination, the industry average is 716.
  • In J.D. Power's 2023 U.S. Mortgage Servicer Satisfaction, the CCM got a score of 646 out of 1000. For serving, the industry average is 601.
  • On Zillow, the Cross Country Mortgage rating is 4.97 rating out of 5 as of the date of publication. It has more than 19500 customer rating reflections.

CrossCountry Mortgage Overview

CrossCountry Mortgage works as a nationwide lender and offers a wide range of loan products, and it also works at the best rate in the USA. The Cleveland-based lenders include refinancing loans, bridge loans, and construction loans, which are specialized alternatives. It was founded in 2023 by current CEO Ronald J. Leonhardt Jr.

How Bankrate Scored CrossCountry Mortgage

To get the information about CCM Bankrate Score, they ranked it Based on a variety of aspects relevant to the lender's products and services and the other lenders on a scale of one to five stars.


The best thing about the CCM is that it does not charge a single penny fee on a loan, and at closing, you can save a bundle. But, its rating is not available on the website; therefore, it's difficult for borrowers to compare it with other loan offers.

For a loan, you will fill out a form in which you not only write about the loan purpose, amount, and location but also add your personal information like phone number, email address, and credit score. After giving this information, they will reach out to you for loan options and rates.


The loans that CCM gives are available for every state person and give financing services for an entire home. It also includes loans like conventional, government-insured loans and special loan products like reverse mortgages.

Borrower Experience

In transactions, the CCM gives some convenience. It also does not rate highly among the customers. You need to fill out the form for quote details.

CCM has been a better business since 2016, with an A+ rating. But its ranking is below the average with BBB and Trustpilot, and its customer reviews are less than stellar. It also offers My Loan service, where the client gets information about the mortgage and its payment history.

What CrossCountry Mortgage Offers

CCM has a variety of loans for borrowers, including conventional and jumbo loans. It also offers refinancing options, credit home equity lines, and reverse mortgages. Some loan offers by CrossCountry Mortgage are given below:

CCM does not show its mortgage rate in online foam. The borrowers who want to get the free rate quote should fill out the form, and then they get all the information.

After filling out the form, the loan officer will collect the additional data and will reach out to you within 24 hours to discuss mortgage options and rates. After getting the approval from the officer, you can fill out the application online.

Minimum Loan

$5000 is the minimum borrowing requirement of CCM, and it offers an FHAk 203 renovation loan.

Maximum Loan

$5 million is the maximum loan that’s available for clients in CCM with the jumbo loan.

Customer Service

There is no online support chat available for people who want to take loans. They need to call or email the CCM team. Business hours are also not mentioned on the website.

These factors show the underwhelming customer service. In comparison to other best mortgage lenders, CCM has low customer support, but some customers recommend CCM as a good loan service. CCM also has an online mortgage resource center for its clients, which has a calculator, articles, and videos to help in the mortgage process.

Pros And Cons

Here we will discuss about the pros and cons of CCM service:


  • CCM has a different variety of loans.
  • If any client does not have a credit score, he can apply for a loan with the use of non-traditional credit.
  • Many customers give it online positive reviews and recommend Cross Country Mortgage LLC as a good service.
  • A dedicated officer is available for the applicants.
  • CCM makes the offers that make the borrowing more accessible.
  • The loan offer of CCM is available for every state person.


  • CCM does not post rates on its website.
  • It’s not offered to the clients via live chat.
  • It also does not have online preapproval.
  • The CCM website is challenging to navigate.
  • It needs your personal information for the mortgage rate.
  • It’s not highly rated among the customers.


CrossCountry Mortgage is a big loan service that provides loans to the people of every state and wants to serve the community. It's give loan from $5000 to $5 billion. Many people gave it excellent reviews, but it has some negative points.

Its rate is not present on its website, and people who want to take mortgage loans need to share their personal information. But it does not charge any fee for the loan and works as a good business in the USA. It offers multiple loan offers to its clients and makes it easy for borrowers.

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